“Park Strategy is for real. The first day they engaged with my business, they saw strategic opportunities that my management team missed, and helped me with everything from marketing messaging to operations. Craig is a master of business strategy, and I would happily recommend Park Strategy to any CEO or Board looking to engage a smart, high-energy, executive level brain who has a bias for real action.”
-Dean Rosenberg, CEO, AIRSIS, Inc.

“Park Strategy has an innate ability to quickly breakdown exceptionally complex problems into small manageable tasks and solutions. This ability allows a business to hone in on attainable goals quickly and create massive shifts in systems and profits. Craig’s personable style and people skills facilitate the transitions smoothly and create smiles during the change. My company is more efficient and profitable because of Park Strategy.”
-Chris Hamilton, CEO, Stream Construction

“Park Strategy is a gale-force wind of strategic momentum. At Hawk, they demonstrated an unparalleled ability to identify gaps, develop strategy, and inspire tangible progress toward growth and optimization. Most impressively, they did with a genuinely vested initial approach to our company’s success. Hawk Portable Buildings, Inc. will never be the same.”
-Glenda Strom, CFO, Hawk Portable Buildings, Inc.

“Working with Park Strategy has been a wonderful experience. Craig has a unique skill-set which gives him the ability to provide insight into multiple areas of our business. Whether it’s sales, marketing, analytics, or accounting, Craig understands how to create successful businesses. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Craig and would recommend his consulting services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”
-Rick Backus, Founder & CEO, CPC Strategy LLC

“Park Strategy has the ability to evaluate the inner components of a business and address inefficiency with effective strategy and action. Simply put, they make business better.”
-John “Endgate” Hawk, Owner, Hawk Portable Buildings, Inc.

“Many firms are focused only on filling positions – Park Strategy Recruiting is focused on the right fit for both the candidate and the employer. I recently participated in a General Manager search process. I found the Park Strategy Recruiting process to be thought-provoking, challenging, and insightful, and it was conducted end-to-end in a respectful, objective and positive way. In fact, the process led me to decide I was not the right candidate for the job – and I’m grateful to Park Strategy and their revealing process for helping both myself and the potential employer get to that understanding.”
-Rod M., Corpus Christi, TX

“One of the outcomes was getting relaxed enough to be more in touch with the social and as you call it… authentic me….So a few days later I emailed the Marketing VP at my key prospect – her brands are over $2.5 billion in annual revenue – and invited her to lunch. I just finished that lunch with 90 minutes of 1-on-1 time. Great connection and the understanding between us that we should do business. So THANK YOU, your day meant a lot to me!”
-David G. Weingard, Founder & CEO, Fit4D